Logo creation made simple with Midjourney: unlock the secret tips and best practices
28 mai 2024

Logo creation made simple with Midjourney: unlock the secret tips and best practices

Par Eliott Loudon

Unleashing your creativity with Midjourney’s AI image generator

Designing an effective logo using Midjourney’s AI image generator can be a challenging task, especially when the inspiration well runs dry. However, some well-kept secrets can be your beacon of guidance during these times.

Midjourney’s AI image generator is a versatile tool that enables the creation of a multitude of visuals, from photorealistic images to logos. For each of these categories, it is crucial to familiarize oneself with specific terminologies and understand how to incorporate them into the prompts, ensuring the tool meets your requirements as accurately as possible. This article reveals several tips to help you create logos using Midjourney.

Midjourney as a source of inspiration for logos

While creating logos may not be Midjourney’s most remarkable feat, it doesn’t undermine its potential in this regard. Primarily designed for generating more complex images, Midjourney can be a reliable companion during your logo creation journey. However, it is more fitting to perceive Midjourney as a source of inspiration, rather than a creation tool, particularly for logos.

Logo and icon design is a complex task best suited for professionals, but if you lack the resources to hire one, the image generator can aid you in brainstorming ideas or even creating a logo that could meet your needs. However, it is essential to be aware of the tool’s limitations: personalizing or modifying a logo is nearly impossible, it doesn’t permit the creation of a vector file, and there’s a chance that visual artifacts may tarnish the image you wanted to create.

Mastering the lexicon for logo creation with Midjourney

Just as creating a photorealistic image requires a grasp of photography vocabulary, logo creation entails understanding associated terminologies: typologies, shapes, styles, techniques, concepts, and characteristics are crucial for better communication with the tool. And as is often the case with Midjourney, it is advisable to use English terms, which the AI understands better.

Creating a logo with Midjourney: Step by step guide

Now it’s time to apply everything we have learned in this article. Remember, logo creation may not be Midjourney’s strong suit, or generating text, even though the tool has improved in this area. It may take several tries to achieve your goal, keeping in mind that it’s best to prompt with aspirations of inspiration and ideation, rather than perfect generation.

Additional tips and tricks for logo creation with Midjourney

Here are some additional tips for creating logos on Midjourney:

  • Request a set of logos: Midjourney generates four images for each request, but by asking for a set of logos, the tool can offer you several variations on the same visual. To do this, simply write « a set of logos » at the beginning of the prompt.
  • Give mood elements to the AI: Do not hesitate to give certain mood elements, corresponding to what you want your logo to evoke, as if you were creating a brief. For example, you can ask for your logo to inspire confidence, security, softness, femininity, tradition, etc. Use phrases such as « the logo must embody… » or « the logo should represent/symbolize/illustrate/reflect… », etc.
  • Define the use of the logo: it may be wise to signal to Midjourney what your logo is intended for, whether it’s a clothing brand, a travel agency, a sports club, a beauty product, a school, and any other possibility.
  • Specify the name of a designer: This can help Midjourney adjust the style. For example, many users add the name of Paul Rand in their prompts when they want to create a logo.