Google's Gemini now integrates with YouTube, Gmail, and Maps: a revolution in the world of chatbots
2 mai 2024

Google’s Gemini now integrates with YouTube, Gmail, and Maps: a revolution in the world of chatbots

Par Eliott Loudon

The game-changing updates to Google’s Gemini

Google is taking the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by storm with the newest updates to its Gemini chatbot. The AI-based text generator, which recently ranked fourth in the Chatbot Arena, is enhancing its capabilities by integrating with various Google applications. This significant development is set to redefine Gemini’s competition with ChatGPT.

As of the end of April, Google announced the introduction of extensions for Gemini in several countries, including France. These extensions enable users to link the chatbot to Google’s tools such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps, and YouTube, offering a more comprehensive, user-friendly experience.

Using the new Gemini extensions: a guide

Activating or deactivating the extensions is straightforward. Simply navigate to the platform’s Settings and select Extensions. Here, users can choose which extensions to allow. Should a user’s query require a specific extension, Google will default to using it, provided the extension is enabled.

For more specific requests, users can enter ‘@’ in the search bar and select the desired service. This feature allows Gemini to guide users to YouTube videos, Google Maps directions, and more based on their queries.

Google’s additional announcements

Google is leveraging its blog post to announce the addition of a new shortcut to Gemini from Chrome. Users can now conduct a search with Gemini directly from the address bar by preceding the query with ‘@gemini’. This new feature enhances user convenience and strengthens the integration of Gemini into Google’s ecosystem.

However, the mobile application remains a work in progress. Despite its initial announcement in February and its limited release in the United States, the mobile application has yet to reach other countries, including France. Users can expect its global rollout in the near future.

Here are some applications of the Gemini extensions:

  • Planning a trip with friends? Ask Gemini to find suitable dates in Gmail, search for flight and hotel information based on these dates and location, find YouTube videos on what to pack, and summarize the packing list mentioned in the video.
  • Watching a match and want a recap? Gemini can direct you to YouTube videos of the match’s highlights.
  • Need directions? Gemini can connect to Google Maps to provide the requested route.